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Note: Old Page, with some historic links, some now withdrawn

Stand-Alone Simulations

Virtual Economy(1999, updated 2002). VE is a pathbreaking simulation based e-learning system,combining extensive educational materials with two powerful economic simulation models: IFS's Tax-Benefit model (Taxben) and the Treasury's Macroeconomic model. Funded by the Nuffield Foundation. In 2002, we secured further funding to update VE's materials and models to reflect the current tax system, add new input and output options and rewrite the back-end rewritten to use XML as an intermediate format.

American Virtual Economy This is a commercial project for McGraw-Hill. Funding is $30,000 development costs plus a share of the royalties. We have developed an on-line simulation of the US economy, based on Oxford Economic Forecasting (OEF's) US model, and ported it to McGraw-Hill's servers.

Labour Supply Simulation (IFS version)

Some previous with BBC Collaborations

New 8/02/2003 Budget 2003 Ready Reckoner in Javascript

Funded by BBC News Online. We have collaborated with the BBC online Budget coverage since 1998. We provide "Be Your Own Chancellor", (a customised version of Virtual Economy), and also a Budget night "ready reckoner" which shows users how the Budget affects them. This has to be running within half a hour of the end of the Budget speech (we managed it withing 5 minutes last time), and has been the at times the single most popular item on BBC online, at its peak being run several thousand times every second. Work on the 2003 versions of these is due to start in January.