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Here's some code used in the simulation models we've built in the last couple of years. Ultimately, I'd like to publish everything we've done, but it's a question of finding the time to generalise it, put in proper comments and so on. All this code is in Ada. (It may only work with the Gnat compiler since it uses some Ada 2005 features).

  • Mill is simple persistence system. Patterned after the PHP based Propel (the backend system in the ADRS Online project) it makes interfacing with an SQL database a bit less painful, especially if you have to write to it in multiple languages. This is very early code but there's enough functionality to be useful at least to me;
  • Tax benefit model components. Some of these were used in the Legal Aid Models. Includes a very general tabulator, a Piecewise Linear Function Generator (a paper is available on why you need might this) and an optimiser.

Virtual Worlds

Since 1997 I've have worked with a small interdisciplinary team, from Biz/ed in Bristol, Oxford Economic Forecasting (OEF) and the University of Oxford on making IFS simulation models available online as e-learning services for the general public, researchers, and students. Read all about it, and try them out yourself

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